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Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Candle of Light

I light your candle of light with a flame I was given as a Gift from God. You light my candle with a flame given by God. When our candles are burning with a flame of beauty, we mingle, and our flames become one. When our united flame shines into the world, it touches the hearts of humanity, lighting all the hearts that could not see.

Do you see the magic, there is a beautiful firework all over our globe, you cannot miss the light, for it shines so clearly now. It shines for you and me, for spirit to awaken, for souls to kiss, for eyes to glow, for hearts to rejoice.

Can you see my candle, for I see clearly your candle shining in my heart. Yes we are loved.

Birgit Andersen
International President WICO

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