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Saturday, September 3, 2011

WICO supports International Peace Day 21th September 2011

International Peace Day 21th of September,
Can there be peace for our children, yes we can create a new world of dignity, hope and love, all we have to do, is to look inside our own hearts, find that inner core of love and peace and let heart warmth and heart qualities be our life. The result is amazing, a world without fear, a co-exhistance with our neighbour in shared respect and love. We were never meant to fight each other, but to love each other, that was the pure intension God planted as seeds in our hearts. Look inside, and find your seed of Gift and go sow into the world. We will see a new garden flourish and grow for our children to laugh and be happy, like the life of children should be. No more tears

International Peace Day 21th of September
Yes I see a new world, I see new land, new hope, new circles of unconditional love spreading like a hurricane creating new waves of love between humans, yes we can create peace, for angels from God have now cleared us from the fear of looking into the eyes of our neighbours. We are now given the gift of peace to manifest in our outer worlds of chaos, the whole Universe support us now. We are in oneness with our own source of peace, the land we always knew and hold so dear in our hearts

International Peace Day 21th of september
Let us lit a candle for peace now, the light of one flame of peace can lit a thousand lights throughout the world. Then add love to the flame of Light and this little candle will be a circle of light reaching the hearts of humanity and changing the set up in the world. I am light - so are you - let us share our mutual light for the greater good of our sacredearth - Gaya our sweetheart of love

In the world there is so much fighting, even in the room of family, we should not fight each other, the fighting is fear, we can let go of this old fear, stop the fighting of each other and be in love with nature, animals, every human on earth. We all share the same wish, the wish of a good life in peace. It can be easy, let us begin today - we can change from within and change the world

Yes, I am for peace, I know we can do better in the world when we share our richness, when we respect each other, honor cultural adversity and look in the eyes of love in our fellow man - i say YES to peace ...

International Day of Peace, 21th of september
There is an Angel of Peace in the heart of every human being, we should pay more attention to the sayings of our angel. Our inner peace angels have been crying out load for our attention for a long time, we did not listen, we created a world of fear and greed, when we were given the tools for another world containing only compassion, love and peace. Now the callings of the angels in our hearts has become a roar of love, the angels now blow their trumpets of  unconditional love - and we cannot miss the calling - we hear it all - this is a great time of joyful celebration for us, we really become what we always were, beings of love, light, creating from our eternalsource, everlasting Peace. I am Peace -

Blessings of Peace
Birgit Andersen
International President WICO

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