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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Letter from WICO Somalia,
"I would like to inform you that the last weeks we WICO Women were very busy helping families affected by the desert droughts fled from south regions of somalia.
Hundred thousands of families fled from the droughts to the neighbouring countries and tenths of thounsands fled to the city Mogadishu 90% of fleeing families are Women and children are feeling malnurition. WICO Somali Women are Participating to help some of those families.

Just I would like to prepare women training for Data collection Assesment to build the capacity of our women to participate the assesment and controll the problems they meet in the IDP camps in Mogadishu and also sexual Voilence Against Women and Children.

I will send the reports we prepare through the Displaced Vulnerable women and children.

Clothes and Cereals to 200 displaced poor families came from the southern regions which the worst droughts effected.
Those pictures you will find tomorrow. On the other hand I will send a breif report about Voilence against women and children in IDP camps, which sometimes the governments troops take the food distributed from the displaced poor families by force and also sometimes voilence against displaced women

Thanks for Your collaboration

Mrs.Safia Ahmed Qaylow
WICO President Somalia
H/Q Mogadishu - Somalia"

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  1. WICO Somalia is doing a marvellous job here to feed the starving people of Somalia in this hunger diaster