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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Welcome to WICO International

Welcome to WICO, Women International Coalition Organization,

WICO -"Women's International Coalition " - for Culture of Peace, Non-Violence and Empowered Women", is a Non-Profit organization (NGO)

The organization was founded in Jerusalem, Israel by 
Dr. Dalia Steiner,"Ambassador for Peace", and in Oklahoma city, Oklahoma USA by Rev. Marilyn Kotulek - "International White Eagle Ministries Inc". (In 2003)
The organization was founded due to similar fates of the two cities and their civilians who witnessed terror attacks and suffered damage to property, death and loss of loved ones.

On October 2001, following the events of 9/11 declared the United Nations that the first decade of the 21st century will be dedicated for the advancement of  Peace  and non-violence culture.  Eight Nobel
Prize laureates headed by the Dali Lama, Rev. Desmond Tutu and Jody  Williams – signed a joint declaration calling upon the governments and  people of the world to take real steps towards developing this ideal  and bringing forth its realization.

The organization goal is to work for the benefit of men, women and   children all over the world without regard for ethnicity or religion. To protect their lives and rights. To improve their quality of life and to advance their working knowledge in the fields of General Education, Professional Education and in developing a Culture for Peace. To build "The National Peace Centers and The High Institutes for Peace and Non-Violence Studies". To prevent violence, injustice evolving from discrimination and social inequality

The framework will be established by the organization as International and Local projects which will be performed simultaneously in all countries.

The Women's International Coalition will operate across the world through its branches in the five continents.

Birgit Andersen
International President WICO

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  1. On the 12th of June 2011 new President for WICO International was appointed,

    Ms, Birgit Andersen, Denmark